3 Pack LR308 DPMS 80% .308/7.62x51 Lower Receiver Raw

3 Pack LR308 DPMS 80% .308/7.62x51 Lower Receiver Raw
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3 Pack LR308 DPMS 80% .308/7.62x51 Lower Receiver Raw

You get (3) of our Raw LR308 80% Lowers at a discounted price. These lowers start their lives as a billet block of 7075 Aluminum. The block then goes to machining where it is turned into a raw 80% lower with a fixed trigger guard. From there the mag wells are broached. These are very high quality and you should get them while you can. These lowers are compatible with DPMS patterned uppers. These lowers DO NOT have the rear pocket cut. All machining processes have been completed and within spec except for the following: 1. Milling out the receiver interior (Fire Control Cavity). 2. Cutting of the Trigger Slot (Trigger Through Hole) 3. Drilling of the Trigger Pin Hole 4. Drilling of the Hammer Pin Hole 5. Drilling of the Selector Hole Made of 7075 T6 Aluminium here in the U.S.A. It is unlikely you will find an LR308 lower cheaper anywhere else.


This lower is compatible with the: Blitzkrieg Tactical Multi-Use Jig For DPMS LR308 80% Lowers

Recommended Tooling: AR-15 & AR-10/LR308 High Speed Steel (HSS) Bit Kit

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