CA Democrats deny equal rights by defeating shall issue bill

CA Democrats deny equal rights by defeating shall issue bill

On Tuesday, a bill put forward by California Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, AB 757, which sought to make California a "shall issue" state, was defeated by the Democrat majority.

"Today, the Democrat majority spat in the face of the Constitution by killing this measure," said Melendez. "The Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law, yet the current system we have for issuing CCWs in California is anything but equal. Rest assured, this fight for equality isn’t over.

" This doesn't come as much of a surprise to literally everyone. Ask even the most politically disengaged Californian if the legislature would pass "shall issue" and they'd laugh in your face.

And while it may have seemed that putting this bill forward was only for show... well yeah, it was, but it does a few things. First, it gives Melissa Melendez prominence as a leading California Republican and puts her on the radar of Conservative and Libertarian voters statewide, not to mention gun owners as a voting block. The fact that any Republican in California would put forward a bill that speaks directly to our issue in the face of an oppositional majority warms our collective hearts.

Additionally, voting blocks and identity politics are just a part of California's unfortunate political reality. It isn't lost on us that she's a woman with a Hispanic last name, but if that helps sway some shallow voters to what matters most (the issues), then that's the game that has to be played.

But having the bill get defeated also accomplishes something else. It continues to show that it's California Democrats who support denying citizens their equal rights, something they claim to have a monopoly on supporting. The fact that it's even a discussion that an elected official can deny one person their fundamental right to armed self defense outside the home while allowing it to another for the same reasons under our current "may issue" status is flatly and unequivocally in opposition to the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection Clause - that any law is applied equally to all citizens, and that no citizen has more rights than another. The Democrats in the California legislature have taken the Animal Farm approach to equality, essentially stating, "All Californians are equal but some Californians are more equal than others.

" Just as an example, in Contra Costa County, out of the 1.13 million people residing there, only 317 lucky individuals aren’t denied their fundamental right to armed self defense and preservation outside the home by County Sheriff David Livingston. Then there's counties like San Francisco and Los Angeles, both having high black, Latino, and LGBT populations, which also deny those groups their fundamental right to bear arms for their protection outside the home by default as a policy of their County Sheriffs.

Continuing to put bills forward that support equal rights in California and having them defeated by the Democrat majority puts them in the uncomfortable position to defend denying people, particularly minorities, their equal rights. Hitting them where they believe they're strongest and making them live up to their standards is how you defeat them, and it seems Melissa Melendez is well on her way of making a name for herself by doing just that.

-Write Winger

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