Violent anti-gunners target pro-gun store

Violent anti-gunners target pro-gun store


The windows of popular sporting goods store Firearms Unknown were smashed out in an act of what appears to be targeted vandalism, coming mere days after a local article highlighted Firearms Unknown’s practice of “sign flipping” a cardboard cut out of a gigantic AR15.

“We have been harassed and threatened over the last week since the San Diego Reader article was published. Threats which included threats of violence,” Firearms Unknown said in a Facebook post.

“A specific tool was used (a center punch) to break the window, which is an indication to that the vandalism was done by someone seeking to intentionally vandalize our store. It wasn't a brick or a rock thrown through the window, this was done by someone who had a specific tool for the job, a tool which most homeless folks don’t seem to carry on them. Also, no other businesses in the center were vandalized.”

The Facebook comments section of the San Diego Reader article publicly display the hostility and outright threats of violence on the sign flipper and store manager, Mauro Campos.

“I would have shot the ass,” said Mark Eltzroth, believing an appropriate response to seeing a man holding a sign depicting an oversized, commonly owned firearm is murder.

Another advocate for tolerance unless he disagrees with you, Dale Porter of San Diego, suggested paying others to commit a specific acts of terrorism and posting it online for his own voyeuristic amusement.

“It would be a damn shame if someone drove by him and played a recording of gunfire while spraying him with a red fluid. Even worse if they did it and posted a video of it and I (and others) coughed up $20 for them,” Dale said.

Now, it seems as if those online threats are being acted upon. Firearms Unknown and businesses that cater to home built firearms, while perfectly lawful, are widely known to not be approved of by the state, nor by the state’s loyalist supporters. If this is a case of targeted vandalism because of the political nature of the business, it is political violence and terrorism defined.

Whoever did this got to have their little Kristallnacht. Surveillance cameras captured the incident, and we’ll get to see who has the last laugh.

But isn’t it interesting how nonviolent gun owners and liberty-loving Americans are always painted as the extremists, yet the antis and statists are the ones who do not respect the lives, liberty, or property of those with whom they disagree - and smash people and things accordingly. They project their own propensity for uncontrollable violence onto others, and that’s the core of their anti gun beliefs; they don’t trust themselves having access to a gun, and therefore nobody else should either.

The rest of us own guns to protect ourselves from their uncontrollable violence.