Custom Aluminum Glock Slide Plate

Custom Aluminum Glock Slide Plate
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Custom Aluminum Glock Slide Plate

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1. Punisher Guns10. BioHazard
2. No Step On Snek11. Pepe Frog
3. California Republic12. American Flag Waving
4. Anonymous Hoodie13. Kitty Punisher
5. Infidel14. Dick Butt
6. Skull with Pistols15. Come and Take It
7. Molon Labe16. 3 Percenter 1776
8. Middle Finger17. Skull and Crossbones
9. Love Guns18. American Flag Standard

These slide plates are made from billet 6061 air craft grade aluminum and are Type III hard coat anodized. The logos are custom and you can select your logo below.

Interested in custom logos or artwork on your slideplates? FirearmsUnknown now offers custom laser engraving on lower receivers, base plates, slide plates, glock slides and more!

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