FDE Cerakoted Forged Upper and 80% Lower Set

FDE Cerakoted Forged Upper and 80% Lower Set
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FDE Cerakoted Forged Upper and 80% Lower Set

**NOTE: Cerakote can have a slightly different tint from batch to batch, the only way we can guarantee the color of this upper will match your lower, is if you buy your upper and lower in the same order from us.

We start with our forged 7075 upper and lower. They get type III hard coat anodized then bead blasted and prepped for coating. After the parts are prepped they shot with Magpul FDE Tan and thrown in the oven. The result is a beautiful upper and lower set in FDE. Our Cerakote applicator is a certified Cerakote applicator and uses brand name Cerakote coating.


Installation & Assembly We make all of our forged 5.56 uppers with a tight center bore (the hole in the upper that the barrel extension goes into). We do this to ensure a very tight fit between the barrel and the upper receiver. This helps eliminate harmonics/barrel whip issues. Especially with thinner & lighter profile barrels.


This lower is compatible with the: Blitzkrieg Tactical drill press/mill jig.

Compatible Milling Jig

Recommended Tooling: AR-15 & AR-10/LR308 High Speed Steel (HSS) Bit Kit

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